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Recruit PKB: Where the Magic Happens

“You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” - Brian Tracy I don't write very many articles about anything personal to my life but this past week proved to be a great lesson in golf as well as life. I visited a prison last Saturday for a Forgiven Ministries event where the inmates could earn a day with their children for good behavior over a 90 day period. While these men were obviously getting their life on track and doing things right in order to have this privilege it was still a rather nerve racking experience. It was even more nerve racking for someone like myself who spent most of her life very quiet, shy and reserved. But getting out of my comfort zone is something I have learned to do on a regular basis lately and [...]

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Recruit PKB: Hula Hoops

Growing up I was a master hula hooper. I could keep a hula hoop going for hours if I had to, even two or three at a time. My hips don't move quite as fast as they use to so I've found a new purpose for hula hoops these days. They are awesome, inexpensive practice tools. You can use them for a number of different drills. Below are just a few of them: Chipping: Lay a hula hoop about 5-6 feet on the green and practice landing different clubs inside the hoop. Take a few steps back farther off the green and continue landing balls in the hoop with all of your wedges, 9iron and 8iron. Set a goal to get so many out of 5 inside the hoop with each club before you move on to another club. Pitching: Lay a hula hoop about 10 feet [...]

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