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Recruit PKB: Keep up with your stats

A great way to become a complete player is learning to keep up with your stats. I know many of the parents do this but taking ownership of this as a player can really help you learn more about your game. Collegiate players keep track of their own stats and input them after every tournament. At a minimum, they keep up with fairways, greens, putts, up/downs and bunker up/downs. As a professional, when I wrote down my score after each hole I would also jot down F for hitting the fairway, G for hitting the green, tally marks for putts, U/D or Sand if I got it up and down, or a slash through U/D or Sand if I didn't. Then I would add them each up at the end of the round. While there are more detailed ways of keeping up with stats, these are a [...]

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Recruit PKB: Learn From Others

As a junior golfer you can always learn something from other players, especially ones who have reached a level that you are aiming to reach. You can do this from the comfort of your own home by watching golf on TV. Watch the tour players go through their decision making process and pre-shot routine. You will hear them assess the situation, pick a club and pick a specific target. Listen to the commentators when they say what clubs the players choose to hit around the greens and really watch how they play the shots. Watch how they handle bad breaks and bad shots. Another great way you can learn from better players is to go watch a collegiate tournament that is s close to home. This is a great opportunity to not only watch the players but also the coach. Watch how they interact with each other [...]

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