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Recruit PKB: Developing Talent

It's not about how talented you are, it's about how hard you work to develop talent. This may sound crazy but one of the biggest detriments to a young player's development is being told how talented they are. Check out this short video about motivation and hard work. I was one of those players who had a natural talent for golf from a very early age. I didn't have to be taught a lot of mechanics, I could just naturally figure out how to swing the club and hit short game shots with ease. Now that I work with young players, it has made me look back on my career to the things that kept me from being more successful out on tour. I truly believe that continually being told that I was lucky to have a lot of natural talent, kept me from working as hard [...]

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Recruit PKB: Getting out of Trouble

How many times do you find yourself behind a tree or stuck under a limb wondering if you can pull the shot off? How many times do you punch out sideways to play it safe instead of advancing it down the fairway? But the important question to ask yourself is how many times do you actually practice these shots? Growing up my dad use to go out on the course with me late in the afternoons with a shag bag full of balls. We would throw them down in the trees and practice hitting different punch shots. I learned how to shape the ball around trees, hit off sidehills lies, edges of bunkers...all kinds of shots from tough lies and situations. I learned how to confidently get myself out of trouble. I could make a better decision when I got in those positions because I had practiced [...]

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