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Recruit PKB: Happy New Year

As we all ring in the New Year I'm sure many of you have set some goals/resolutions for yourself. A new year feels like the start of something fresh, a time to change bad habits, a time to commit to being a better you. The majority of people will set an outcome goal they want to reach (lose weight, eat better, work less, work harder, spend less, etc...). They become so focused on the outcome, i.e. the future, that they forget about the process and what they must commit to doing each day to reach those goals. I love this article by Train to be Clutch's Joshua Medcalf, "Burn your goals to become the person of your dream". He says "I want to see your commitment list. I want to know what you are committed to sacrificing and doing with your 24 hours a day to close [...]

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Recruit PKB: Where do you begin?

Becoming the Complete Golfer starts with setting goals for yourself. You will hear me talk a lot about goal setting, but maybe not in the sense you would think of with typical goal setting. Goals are normally seen as future benchmarks or achievements. They are what motivate athletes to work hard every day. While you never, EVER, want to dwell on the past, you can also do the opposite and get too consumed with what you want to do in the future. If you are constantly thinking about what you WANT, aren't you taking away from time and energy that should be put into what you can be doing NOW, in the present? We all need goals and dreams that we are striving to accomplish, they are what make us get out of bed every day with a purpose in mind. But if we don’t take care [...]

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