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Recruit PKB: Happy New Year

I thought I would take a quick break from the College Recruiting Checklist articles to say Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and enjoyed your time with family and friends. I always hate to see this time of year go by so quickly, but as the year comes to a close it's a great time to reflect on the accomplishments of 2014 and begin to plan for 2015. To all of those who signed NLI's or verbally committed to play college golf I want to say a big congratulations. To those who may have chosen a different path with their futures, I also want to say a big congratulations. College golf may not be the correct route for everyone young golfer but you have still worked hard and made a big decision in your life. To all of those young girls who [...]

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Recruit PKB: Recruiting Videos

Recruiting videos are a very important part of your resume. While golf tends to be more objective in regards to tournament results, a recruiting video will give a coach an idea of your swing and short game fundamentals. Many times a coach may not be able to get out and watch you play before he or she can decide if you are a potential recruit for their program. Sending a recruiting video along with your resume with provide them with an idea of your game to hopefully entice them to come out and watch you play. When filming a recruiting video make sure you take the shots from directly in front of the player and directly down the line. The wrong angle can create a distorted view of the swing and setup. It is recommended to shoot full swing with 3 different clubs, along with some short [...]

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Recruit PKB: Building a Resume

Building a quality resume is one of the most important steps in the college recruiting process. While your game will speak for itself out on the course, your resume will be the first insight a coach has into you as an all around person. Having an online resume that contains all of the necessary information is the preferred method by most coaches. This makes the information accessible and easy to navigate. You don’t want a coach to have to go out of their way to find the information they need to know about you. Their time is very limited and valuable. You want to capitalize on the one chance you may have that a coach reads your email. If you have to resend a swing video, test scores or tournament results they may overlook that second email and never see it. If a coach has to open [...]

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RecruitPKB: Practice with a Purpose

“Always have quality practices. Don't just beat balls. Staying on the range all day does you no good if nothing is accomplished.” - Division 2 Women's Coach žLearning to practice with a purpose is a skill most junior golfers don't learn until they reach college. It is difficult to have the accountability, structure and motivation to truly practice with a purpose as a young golfer. But for those players who can learn to achieve this at an earlier age will quickly see improvements in their game and be more prepared for college golf. Have a plan of action everyday you go to the golf course: Before you even step foot onto the golf course or practice facility write down what you would like accomplish that day. Simply writing it down will create some accountability and motivation. The more specific you are about your goals the better you [...]

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Recruit PKB: Get an Evaluation

“Be realistic with your ability and what level you are on when identifying schools.” - Division 1 Women’s Coach Getting a qualified, unbiased 3rd party evaluation will help a junior golf family develop a better game plan so their daughter can achieve her goal of playing college golf. Many families do not understand the realities of what it takes to play at the college level so they have no direction when they begin the process. They may end up wasting a lot of time, money and resources focused on the wrong schools, camps, tournaments and travel. It's ok to dream big but when it comes to the recruiting process and what it takes to play at the college level many times a family doesn't understand the demands and commitment that comes with it all. An evaluation will give a family a realistic assessment of the player's overall [...]

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RecruitPKB: Setting Goals

Goal setting is an important part of the college recruiting process both for your game as well as the recruiting process. The most important thing to remember is that a goal is useless unless you set a specific plan of action to achieve it. Set realistic goals - There is nothing wrong with wanting to reach for the stars but you want to give yourself goals that are realistically obtainable. If you aren’t able to reach your goals in a timely manner, you will easily lose sight of them and not work as hard towards achieving them. Set process goals, not just outcome goals – Set goals that you can accomplish in the present. When you put so much emphasis on results you forget to focus on what it takes to get there. Set your goals based on what you need to be doing NOW. The outcome [...]

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Recruit PKB: College Recruiting Checklist

I am sure that many of you have been in attendance for a Recruit PKB seminar or webinar and received a copy of my College Recruiting Checklist. In case you haven't, you will see it below. Print it out and stick it on your fridge or if you would like a postcard/magnet of the checklist to stick on your fridge then shoot me an email and I will get one to you, Over the next few months I will be addressing each of these steps in the college recruiting process in more detail. We will also announce a series of webinars that will cover these topics more in-depth and give you an opportunity to ask questions. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the recruiting process take advantage of your free 30 min consultation that launched with the 2015 PKBGT memberships.   For questions [...]

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RecruitPKB: Taking Visits

As many of you take advantage of the off-season by taking college visits, below are a few important reminders to consider while you are on the visit. Leave your cell phone in the car. To keep you from even being tempted to check your phone during the visit it is best to just leave it in the car. Look the coach in the eye and firmly shake their hand when you walk into their office. Sit up straight in the chair. Don’t slouch and slump. Be enthusiastic. Make sure the coach knows you are excited to be there. Ask questions!! The worst thing you can do when I coach asks if you have any questions is to say “no”. Jot a few questions down on a notepad and take it in with you. If you haven’t been regularly communicating with the coach and/or they haven’t seen you [...]

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Recruit PKB: Preparing for a College Visit

As the fall season for both high school and college golf wraps up, many young girls are taking advantage of the time by scheduling college visits. See last week's article on "Scheduling Visits". It is easy to allow the fall and winter months to go by without putting much time into the college recruiting process. Instead, take advantage of this down time to get ahead in the process. Schedule some visits, take campus tours and meet with college coaches. Below are some tips for you to consider as you prepare to take a college visit and meet with a coach. Do the research: Jot down a few key facts from the coach and assistant coach's bio. Know how the team finished up the previous year or season. Look over the team roster. Learn more about the school and what it offers outside of the golf program. Get [...]

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Recruit PKB: Putting Line

One of my favorite putting drills from my college and professional days is something very simple but extremely effective at building confidence and putting a little bit of pressure on making those short putts when it counts. There are several different variations of this one drill which is why I like it so much. Below are a few options to get you started. 3, 5, 7, 9ft line - Place a tee at 3ft, 5ft, 7ft and 9ft in a line on one side of hole. Begin with a fairly flat putt. Start at the 3ft putt, if you make it move back to the 5ft putt, if you make that move to the 7ft. If you miss then you must start back at the 3ft putt 9, 7, 5, 3ft line - After you have gone up the line start from the 9ft putt and move [...]

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