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Recruit PKB: “Do Not Fear Failure”

The fear of failure is quite possibly the biggest detriment to a golfer's success, even for junior golfers. While kids tend to have a "no fear" attitude about many things, fear can easily creep into their golf game when the pressure is on. Growing up I was fearless. My sister and her friends would dare me to do something and without fear I would do it. From cutting flips off the monkey bars to jumping out of the hayloft to cutting flips off the high dive, you named it I would probably do it. Please do not try any of these though, I also ended up with 2 broke arms and a broken collarbone from my childhood antics. But the point is I did these without any fear of what might happen. But now as an adult, many times I look at an activity or task and [...]

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Recruit PKB: Junior Golfers and Working Out

As many adults have probably gotten back in the gym as part of their New Year's resolution it's a great time to get the kids interested in working out as well. It is never to early for a junior golfer to learn the basics of good nutrition and exercise. I wish I had learn these habits at an earlier age. I didn't realize the importance of eating healthy and working out until I started my degree in Health and Exercise Science at Furman and we started working out as a golf team. It's very hard to change bad habits, even to this day I still struggle with it. I love doing Crossfit and spin class, and I do my best to eat healthy when I can given my schedule but it's still not easy. Not only will learning these habits at a younger age help the junior [...]

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