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Recruit PKB: Challenge Yourself

I saw this quote in a magazine during a recent flight and had to take a snap shot of it. This is quite possibly one of the most truthful quotes you can find about life. You can also easily apply it to golf and your development as a player. I could sit and write for hours about this quote but I will keep it to just a few tidbits about how this applies to a young junior golfer. As with anything in life, if you aren't challenging yourself then you will never learn how to grow and develop as a person or an athlete. Take a minute and think about all of the big moments in your life, both good and bad, which ones do you feel that you learned the most from? Typically those are going to be the more "trying" or disappointing parts of your [...]

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Recruit PKB: College Coach Perspective Part 5

As many players make their college decision over the next few months here are some thoughts to consider that college coaches feel are important factors. From a coach's perspective, what are some factors to help a junior golfer determine the right fit? “Do they like the school, the coach and the team? Does the school have the correct major for the student? It is important to establish a relationship with the coach and to know the students on the team. The student must be qualified academically. The student has to have a solid tournament record.” – D1 Coach “The Coach, what is expected by the coach out of the student athlete, size of school, area of study, how far you want to be from home, the team.” – D1 Coach “Does the school have my major field of study? How many players are on the team? Is [...]

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Recruit PKB: Practice Rounds

After observing some practice rounds with several different players recently, it led to my inspiration for this week's article. Below are some thoughts on ways to maximize your time during a practice round and better prepare for the tournament. Please keep in mind that this is not to encourage slow play during a practice round nor break any rules that a junior tour has enforced regarding practice rounds. Only apply these if and when they are applicable and acceptable. If you have a yardage book write down targets that you plan to aim at off the tee (ex. edge of a bunker, tree trunk, etc). Write down if you might hit a different club off the tee other than a driver or if you will have a different strategy if the wind or conditions change. Write down lay up yardages on par 5s so you will know [...]

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