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Recruit PKB: Parent Role at Tournaments

žThis week's Recruit PKB: Recruiting Process article from the series "Parent Role in the College Recruiting Process" will cover a parent's role at junior golf tournaments. I cover parent behavior quite often throughout my seminars and articles because I know the influence it can have on a young girl's golf career. I also know the influence it can have on a college coach's decision to recruit a player. One of the first experiences a coach will have when recruiting a player is the interaction that they see between a parent and child at a junior golf tournament. Below are a few tips on ways to insure your role at a tournament is a positive one for both your daughter and a college coach. Don’t hover when they are warming up: Try not to hover over your daughter while she is warming up to play. It is ok to [...]

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Recruit PKB: Support Without Pushing Too Hard

žThe next series of "Recruit PKB: Recruiting Process" articles will cover a parent's role in the different aspects of the college recruiting process. The first topic addressed is one that I get asked very often from parents who are concerned with pushing their daughter too hard, but who also know their daughter needs some guidance and structure in order to stay on track towards her goal of playing college golf. I am not a parent myself but I do understand that there is a very thin line between pushing too hard and just trying to keep a young girl motivated to succeed. Below are 5 recommendations that I believe can help a parent understand how to best support their daughter and work together as a team throughout the recruiting process. žContinue to ask your daughter what she wants out of her golf: First and foremost, it must [...]

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