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Recruit PKB: Take Visits

All steps of the recruiting process are necessary in order to successfully find the right college fit, however taking college visits is when the process really begins to take shape and you can actually see what the ultimate goal will look like. You must be assertive and take the initiative to try and set up visits early in the process. Visits will not only give you an opportunity to meet with a coach but they also help you begin to figure out what you want in a school and help to motivate you to work hard in order to reach the level it takes to play at those particular schools. Also the more comfortable you get with speaking with coaches, then the more confident and prepared you will be on future visits. It can be difficult for freshmen and sophomores to set up visits since coaches can't [...]

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Recruit PKB: Contact 75+ Schools

The topic of contacting schools is a question that I have been asked numerous times throughout recruiting seminars and individual consultations. As with many parts of the process this tends to be very specific to where the individual recruit is at in his/her own recruiting process. Obviously the higher ranked players don't have to work as hard to contact coaches because they are being sought after by many coaches and will generate enough interest through a smaller number of intro emails. However as you move down the rankings list, the number of coaches you need to contact in order to insure you find the right fit increases. While some will be able to contact a small group of schools and generate enough communication and interest, it is rarely that easy. I recommend contacting 75 or more schools initially. While this may seem like a lot, from my [...]

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