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Recruit PKB: Keeping Your Stats

As you begin to progress in taking ownership of your game one big step is learning to keep up with your own stats. I know it may seem hard to juggle your stats while trying to keep up the pace but if you can learn a few tricks then it will make it much easier. Start by keeping your stats during practice and keep the stats simple to begin with. Grab a scorecard and after each hole simply write an F if you hit the fairway and a G if you hit the green. Then mark a slash for each putt. If you miss the green and get up and down then write u/d or sand if it was out of the bunker. If you don't get up and down, then mark an X through it. These are just a few basic stats to get started with. [...]

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Recruit PKB: Request for the Girls

With Father's Day just around the corner I want to do something fun for the dads. While I know that most of the article readers each week are more than likely parents, I want to get the girls involved with this request. I am asking the girls to send me a story or quick comment about their dads. While we all love our moms just the same, when it comes to golf, many times there is a unique and special bond between a girl and her father. I know for me there was one from the first time my dad handed me a golf club. So parents, please encourage your daughter to submit a comment or story over the next couple of weeks. It can be a funny story, or something sweet and sentimental, just something that the girls would like to share about their time with [...]

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Recruit PKB: Behind in the Process

One of the hardest parts of my job is talking with families who have gotten behind in the process and realize they have missed out on a lot of opportunities. They see other players taking visits and committing to schools while they struggle to get coaches to reply to emails. Many times these are players who are just as good as the ones getting all of the opportunities. It's tough to hear these stories of players who really want to play in college but struggle to find somewhere to play. If you're not one of the top 5 players in your recruiting class in your state then the process can quickly pass you by. You must be the one recruiting the coaches and not waiting for them to recruit you. Once the thought of playing college golf comes into the equation you need to set some goals [...]

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Recruit PKB: Seminole State Coach Interview

I wanted to provide a little different perspective to the recruiting process that many families don't consider, Junior College. Junior College is a great option for late bloomers or players who have the goal of playing at a bigger university but didn't find the right fit in time. It can be very similar to attending a golf academy for a year or two where you will receive top notch instruction, while earning college hours. But it's no piece of cake to play at the top JuCo programs. The Seminole State girls finished the spring season with a team average score of 300.8, that's averaging 75.2 individually. That's some very strong golf, including several 36 holes days. Check out their page, and follow them on Facebook,  Here is some insight from Head Coach Christa Teno. What is your coaching background/bio? Prior to taking the job at Seminole I [...]

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