RecruitPKB: Unused Golf Scholarships

Are there unused scholarships for girls? According to the NCAA, it was estimated in 2009 that over 200 of the approximately 1800 female golf scholarships were not used. While this is great news for an aspiring junior girl golfer it Continue reading RecruitPKB: Unused Golf Scholarships

RecruitPKB: UNC Coach Interview

This is definitely a must read coach interview. While all coaches have their own opinions, philosophies and demands, Coach Jan Mann, the women’s head golf coach at UNC Chapel Hill, has some great insight into the recruiting process and playing Continue reading RecruitPKB: UNC Coach Interview

Recruit PKB: Embrace the Grind

This time of year I see many junior golfers start to struggle with the grind of summer golf. Between the heat, the competition and the hundreds of golf holes played it can start to take a toll. I absolutely loved Continue reading Recruit PKB: Embrace the Grind

RecruitPKB: The Landing Drill

The Landing Drill - The Complete Golfer

When chipping from just off the green you should always pick a landing spot that you want to land the ball on. Assess the shot to determine what club will land about 5-7 ft onto the green and provide the Continue reading RecruitPKB: The Landing Drill