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RecruitPKB: Unused Golf Scholarships

Are there unused scholarships for girls? According to the NCAA, it was estimated in 2009 that over 200 of the approximately 1800 female golf scholarships were not used. While this is great news for an aspiring junior girl golfer it does lead to some misconceptions that it’s easy to get a scholarship as a female golfer. The fact is, many of these unused scholarships are at very small schools in rural areas or very expensive private schools. Many girls decide they would rather go to a bigger school and not play golf, than attend a really small school in an unfamiliar area. Finances can play a factor into the scholarships going unused as well. While it's great news to learn the school is offering you scholarship money, you may still be looking at a substantial remaining balance for tuition/room/board. Many of the unused scholarships are in colder [...]

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RecruitPKB: UNC Coach Interview

This is definitely a must read coach interview. While all coaches have their own opinions, philosophies and demands, Coach Jan Mann, the women's head golf coach at UNC Chapel Hill, has some great insight into the recruiting process and playing college golf. While I didn't play for Coach Mann she recruited me while she was at UNC Wilmington and I have been fortunate to maintain a good relationship with her and have the opportunity to spend time learning from her. Big thanks to her for taking the time to answer some questions for me. What is your own coaching philosophy?   Every player is different in how you communicate and relate to them.  I try to be conscious of the needs of each player and try to work with them in a manner that is beneficial to the individual.  Team chemistry is very important to me.  It [...]

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Recruit PKB: Embrace the Grind

This time of year I see many junior golfers start to struggle with the grind of summer golf. Between the heat, the competition and the hundreds of golf holes played it can start to take a toll. I absolutely loved golf in the summer but it does start to become a bit of a grind. If I wasn't at a tournament, I spent all day at the golf course, usually taking a lunch and pool break during the middle of the day to cool off, then I was right back at it all afternoon and into the evening. I know for many players it may seem like work and if you aren't playing well it can really become tough to grind it out. Many non-golfers are probably at home hanging out in the air conditioning, or laying by the pool, while you sweat it out practicing or [...]

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RecruitPKB: The Landing Drill

When chipping from just off the green you should always pick a landing spot that you want to land the ball on. Assess the shot to determine what club will land about 5-7 ft onto the green and provide the roll needed to get to the hole. Take into account any break in the green and pick your landing spot accordingly. This will make the shot much easier when you can focus on hitting a spot that is only several feet in front of you rather than a pin that is farther away. Drill: Lay a towel or hula hoop about 5-7 ft onto the green. Start about 2 paces off the green with one of your wedges, landing the ball on the towel or hula hoop. You are only focused on where the ball lands. Repeat with SW through 8iron. A good goal is to land [...]

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