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RecruitPKB: Making Your College Decision Part 1

Part 1 of Making Your College Decision comes straight from the thoughts and opinions of college coaches. Keep in mind, each individual coach has their own recruiting style and they look for different qualities in a player that fits their coaching style so some answers may not apply to your current situation. But as you read through the quotes you will begin to see some similarities that should help you as you make your final college decision. From a coach's perspective, what are some factors to help a junior golfer determine the right fit? "Do they like the school, the coach and the team? Does the school have the correct major for the student. It is important to establish a relationship with the coach and to know the students on the team. The student must be qualified academically. The student has to have a solid tournament record." [...]

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RecruitPKB: Scheduling Visits

A very important, proactive step in the college recruiting process is to schedule unofficial visits as early as possible. The days of official visits are almost over now that recruiting starts so early. Official visits aren't allowed until first day of your senior year, if you wait until then to take visits it will be too late.  They tend to just be a formality for players who have already verbally committed and are getting ready to sign their NLI.   You can always take unofficial visits until that time though. You must be assertive and take the initiative to try and set up visits early in the process. Visits will not only give you an opportunity to meet with a coach and get comfortable with the process, but they also help you begin to figure out what you want in a school. They help to motivate you [...]

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RecruitPKB: Tips for Visits

Junior golfers need to do what they can to be proactive in the recruiting process by scheduling unofficial visits with college coaches. This can be difficult before Sept 1 of junior year because coaches can't communicate with you through phone or emails, but with a little effort and help from a swing or high school coach, hopefully you are able to set up some visits. Below are a few things for both junior golfers and their parents to keep in mind when taking visits. For Junior Golfers: Dress appropriately. Golf attire is fine or a nice casual outfit. Wear comfortable shoes. Leave your cell phone in the car. To keep you from even being tempted to check your phone during the visit it is best to just leave it in the car while you are on a visit. Look the coach in the eye and firmly shake their hand [...]

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RecruitPKB: 6 Ways to be More Coachable

"A proverb says that 'Only stupid men learn from experience. Wise men learn from other people’s experience'." I got this from an article written by August Turak about coachability on - One of the number one qualities that a coach looks for in a player is coachability. They want to know that a player is going to be willing to listen, learn, practice and put into play what they teach them. This is one reason you need to do your research on the coach, their background and their coaching style. If you don't respect a coach's principles then you will never allow them to coach you to your potential. You must have faith in your coach because many times it will get worse before it gets better. so you have to trust they are doing what is best for you. You will miss out on so [...]

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