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PerformPKB: Prepare to be Great

This article is part of guest series to the RecruitPKB "Complete Golfer" program by Chris Finn, owner of Par4Success in Cary, North Carolina. --- RecruitPKB Perform: Prepare to be Great Fact #1: 95% of United States junior golfers today will not play competitive golf beyond High School. Fact #2: The international talent in college golf and on the PGA and LPGA Tours has exploded. These two statements may not seem related, but they are so closely intertwined they might as well be one. Experts believe that the rise in international success on the Tours is due to a shift that has taken place at the developmental levels internationally and is lagging here in the United States; Long Term Athletic Development. Many international countries have adopted Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) programs and the results are astounding when you look at population size compared to worldwide wins (South [...]

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RecruitPKB: Womens Golf Breakdown

Here is an updated breakdown of the average scores that a college coach looks for with their recruits. Keep in mind these are general guidelines, some variations and exceptions are possible. Click on image to enlarge. Examples of national tours/tourneys: PKBGT Invitationals and Championships, AJGA Invitationals and Championships, USGA, PGA Jr Championship, Big I Championship, Optimist International, etc Examples of regional tours/tourneys: PKBGT, HJGT, SJGT, FCG, IJGT, Golfweek Jr Tour, etc

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PerformPKB: It’s All in the Hips

This article is part of guest series to the RecruitPKB "Complete Golfer" program by Chris Finn, owner of Par4Success in Cary, North Carolina. --- Has anyone seen Michelle Wie or Rory Mcilroy move their hips in their swing lately? Tough to see unless you slow down the video because they are so fast. As a reference point, the average PGA tour player rotates their hips at most about 500 degrees per second. Rory’s speed is around 740 degrees per second. Power in an efficient golf swing such as with Michelle or Rory starts from the ground and works it way up through your hips, core and out through the hands into the club eventually resulting in faster ball speed. There is also an efficient weight shift from the trail leg to the lead leg through rotational movement and some lateral shift which comes from using the ground [...]

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PerformPKB: Foam Roll = Your Fitness Caddy

This article is part of guest series to the RecruitPKB "Complete Golfer" program by Chris Finn, owner of Par4Success in Cary, North Carolina. --- One thing has struck me this year as I have been watching the different Tour events;  What an integral part of each player’s success their Caddy plays. After every victory in the post round interview it is almost without fail that the player will thank or in some way mention the great team that they have around them, in particular their caddy. When you are playing in tournaments or just practicing multiple days back to back as well as working out, your foam roll essentially serves the same roll from a physical standpoint as a caddy does from a golf standpoint. If you are not foam rolling, you are allowing myofascial adhesions and other soft tissue restrictions establish long term homes in your [...]

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RecruitPKB: It Takes More Than Just Talent

“It’s not about how talented you are, it’s about how hard you work to make the most of the talent you were given” –  Me   This may sound crazy, but one of the biggest detriments to a young player’s development is being told how talented they are. Check out this short video about motivation and hard work. I was one of those players who had a very natural talent for golf from an early age. I didn’t have to be taught a lot of mechanics, early in my golf career swing coaches wouldn’t make any changes to my swing except a few tweaks to my setup if it got off. I could naturally figure out how to properly swing the club, work the ball, creatively get myself out of trouble and hit different short game shots around the green without thinking much about mechanics.   Now [...]

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