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RecruitPKB: Learn to be Creative

Almost every camp that I host I will include a session that requires the girls to tap into their creative side. Many times the girls think I am crazy for the ideas I come up with but it's always fun to see how each player approaches the activity. You may not realize how important it is to be creative as a golfer but it is a crucial skill necessary for success on the golf course. No this does not mean you have to be an artist or be good at arts and craft, but tapping into your creative side can really help you develop better feel and touch around the greens, it will help you see shots and shape them better, it will help you assess situations when you are in trouble and figure out your best options for getting out of it. It will also help [...]

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RecruitPKB: Learn to Quiet the Don’ts

One of the best ways to retrain your mind on the golf course is to always think about what you want to "do" and never about what you "don't" want to do. This may seem like such a simple concept but if you start to pay close attention you would be amazed at how many times you think in the "don't" sense instead of the "do". How many times do you tell yourself "don't leave this putt short"? Then you proceed to either leave it short or knock it 5ft by the hole. Or you tell yourself, "don't hit in the hazard". Then you proceed to either hit in the hazard or you hook/block a shot to avoid it. According to Bob Rotella, "the brain doesn't understand don't". When you tell your brain not to do something you are actually putting a more visual focus on that [...]

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RecruitPKB: Game Assessment & Recruiting Workshop

Join RecruitPKB College Consultant Brandi Jackson for a One-Day Game Assessment & RecruitPKB College Recruiting Workshop on Monday, February 15th, following the Rocket Tour Players at University of Georgia Golf Course. The workshop will be conducted at the UGA Collegiate Golf facilities and the schedule will include: 8:30-9:00: Check In 9:00-10:00: Game Planning for 2016 Session (parents asked to attend): Small group discussion of tournament scheduling, travel tips, navigating the rankings, goal setting, time management 10:00-11:30: Short Game Assessment: Calculated measuring system to determine a player's current short game ability and provide a trackable chart for improvement with recommendations 11:30-12:00: Goal setting session: Girls will complete a specific goal setting exercise and have the opportunity to build their own vision board 12:00-12:30: Lunch 12:30-1:00: Golf Nutrition and Fitness: Understand the importance of proper nutrition on and off the golf course, plus some general golf specific exercises and warm up routines 1:00-2:30: [...]

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PerformPKB: Warm-up For Injury Free Power

This article is part of guest series to the RecruitPKB "Complete Golfer" program by Chris Finn, owner of Par4Success in Cary, North Carolina.  ---  RecruitPKB Perform: Warm-up For Injury Free Power With the season underway I have been getting a lot of questions in the past month about what my juniors can do to increase their distance in the short term while their strength is improving over the long term. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to answer the loaded question with one of the many options as my response is usually, “Well, it depends.” There was a study done recently that looked at the effects of how golfers warmed up and what effect that had on their power output, if any. The study started by having everyone go out and hit golf balls without a warm up and their performance was measured. The next day, the [...]

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RecruitPKB: Set Your Goals for 2016

As we kick off 2016, it’s the perfect time to set your goals for the new year. But by “goals”, I don’t just mean your New Year’s resolutions stating that you want to do something better next year, I am talking about very specific process goals. Yes, you need big picture outcome goals such as scoring milestones, tournament finishes, your dream university, etc to keep you motivated and driven to reach the end result that you are working towards, but when setting goals you need to be very specific in what you need to do day in and day out, week in and week out, in order to achieve those big outcome goals. I had a lesson in goal setting myself recently that I thought I would share to help encourage you to set your goals for 2016. All the way back to my college golf days, [...]

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PerformPKB: Your Strength Window – Don’t Miss It

This article is part of guest series to the RecruitPKB "Complete Golfer" program by Chris Finn, owner of Par4Success in Cary, North Carolina.  --- RecruitPKB Perform: Your Strength Window - Don’t Miss It You will only swing as fast as you can control. That is our mantra with all of our juniors and all golfers. Just as you would not expect the brakes in a 1998 Toyota Corolla to stop a Ferrari Engine pushing a car to 200 mph, you can’t expect untrained hip and core muscles to control a 100+mph swing. This brings me to our topic of the month, strength and stability training in juniors. There exists a window of opportunity in all developing juniors that occurs between the ages of 1317 that is often called the strength window. This is a time when developmentally the body has an influx in hormones that allow us [...]

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