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RecruitPKB: College Recruiting Breakdown

Many coaches have a particular range of tournament averages, handicaps and strength of schedule that they look for when identifying potential recruits. While this is not an exact science the chart below breaks down those averages, stats, and tournaments for each division level to give you an idea of what it takes to compete at that level.  This is a great starting point for creating your list of schools where you fit athletically. You can use to then find schools that fall into each of these categories.   Top DI – Max of 6 scholarships per program Handicap: 2 or below Tournament average: 76 or below 6000+ yardage in tournaments Top 10 finishes in regional/national tours and tournaments (ex. AJGA, USGA, PKBGT, HJGT, Golfweek, and other top regional/national tournaments) Top 5 finishes in state tourneys Low DI – Max of 6 scholarships per program Handicap: 4 or below [...]

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RecruitPKB: A Must Watch Video for Parents

This week is Junior Golf Week on the Golf Channel and an interview they conducted with Jon Gordon really caught my attention so I wanted to share the clip along with a few of my own thoughts in regards to what he is referencing. Here is the LINK to that clip so check it out first. I am sure each of you got something different from what he talked about but hopefully, it resonated a little with how you see your daughter's junior golf experience. Here are my two favorite quotes that he mentioned which relate to many of the questions I get asked about competitive junior golf, parenting, and the recruiting process. "You can't drive anyone else's bus, you have to encourage and inspire them to drive their own bus" I know it's tough to want the best for your daughter and know the impact that playing [...]

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RecruitPKB: College Coach Perspective

As the college season starts to wind down I will be posting some new insight, interviews, and feedback directly from the college coaches but for now here is an oldie but goodie about some advice a coach would give a junior golfer going through the process. If you could give a junior golfer one piece of advice what would it be? "All around good in every area. Overachieve in academics, golf, life, comm services. Be a role model" - Division 1 Women's Coach "Work hard on your short game!" - Division 1 Women's Coach "Get the best grades possible." - Division 1 Women's Coach "Have a Game Plan and Goals" - Division 3 Men's and Women's Coach "Always have quality practices. Don't just beat balls. Staying on the range all day does you no good if nothing is accomplished" - Division 2 Men's and Women's Coach "Begin [...]

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PerformPKB: The Junior Golf Epidemic

This article is part of guest series to the RecruitPKB "Complete Golfer" program by Chris Finn, owner of Par4Success in Cary, North Carolina.  --- As Fall is upon us and school has started, the Girls High School Season has started without much of a break from the Summer grind and the Junior Golfing Boys are trying to catch their breath after a summer filled with heavy travel and play. This is the time of the year that, as a Physical Therapist and Strength Coach working with golfers, I tend to get a long line at my door of injured junior golfers.  Now, that isn’t to say they all just suffered an injury recently, quite the contrary.  The reason they are walking in now is because even though they have been hurting for at least a month, they were afraid to take a break and miss a “big [...]

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RecruitPKB: On Course Drills

How many of you feel like the time you spend on the golf course (when it's not a tournament) can be a bit repetitive and often times not very productive? It's easy to run out and play 9 holes or maybe 18 and not really have much focus or accountability to what you are doing. Then a tournament rolls around and all of the sudden the bad shots have consequences, you have to actually hit that shot from under the trees and you have to putt out every single putt (no gimmies). Take the time when you are on the golf course to learn how to play and be creative. Try different shots from out of trees or off bad lies. Hit shots with different trajectories. Compete against others. Anything that makes you treat the time on the golf course as you would during a tournament or [...]

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