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RecruitPKB: Discipline, Plan and Commitment

The drive time in my car is usually my chance to brainstorm with a clear head. This past week while I was driving back from spending Thanksgiving in Charleston I had a few thoughts pop into my head that I wanted to share. I posted this on my social media but for those that don't follow me here is what I feel like are some key things to remember in order to find success both on and off the golf course. "If you have more discipline than desire, If you create a plan instead of goals, If you focus on commitment more than effort, Then you will create results instead of dreams" For me, I had a dream to play on the LPGA Tour from the time I was 7 playing in my first golf tournaments. Yes, I had the desire, I put in the effort and [...]

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RecruitPKB: What To Do After A Coach Watches You Play

Last week I posted an article with some tips about what to do when a coach is out watching you play in a tournament. If you missed it you can read it HERE. This week I want to follow that up with some tips on what to do after a coach has come out to watch you play. Some of these are relative to where you are in the process with that particular coach but it should give you an idea of things you can do if you know the coach was watching you play. Give them a call. You may not reach them and get a chance to talk with them but it's a great time to call and get some feedback on what they saw of your game while it's fresh on their mind. You can also give them insight into your game and how [...]

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RecruitPKB: Happy Thanksgiving

As we head into the holiday week I want to say a quick Happy Thanksgiving to all the PKB members. I am very grateful for the privilege to work with the PKB, it's staff and the families of the PKB. It's been an awesome 4 years of this partnership and I look forward to many more years of advising and consulting the girls on the college recruiting process. The last couple of weeks I asked some of the PKB members what they are most thankful for this time of year so I wanted to share what they had to say. "I'm thankful for the support from my family and coaches" - Channing Hensley "I'm thankful for my family and everything the do for me." - Gracyn Burgess "I am thankful my family and all of the friendships and opportunities that golf has provided" - Hailey Joy "I'm thankful [...]

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RecruitPKB: Parent Role on Visits

žžIt is the time of year for many of you to be taking college visits and meeting with college coaches. This week's Recruit PKB article will cover a parent's role on college visits. The first on-campus meeting with a college coach can make or break their decision to continue recruiting a player. In many cases, the behavior of a parent can have a serious impact on which direction the recruiting process will go from there. Below are a few tips for parents to be aware of when they are on visits with their daughter. žAllow your junior golfer to do all the talking: I know this may be difficult when you have a junior golfer who is quiet or shy but they need to do the majority of the talking. Meeting with a college coach can be a very nerve-racking experience for many young athletes. Help them prepare [...]

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