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RecruitPKB: 6 Things to do Before the 1st Tee

Many times you may get to the first tee of a tournament round and be nervous and anxious to play. The last thing you want to worry about are the tedious things you could have done before you stepped onto the first tee. Here are 6 key tasks to remember to do before you get to the first tee so that you don’t forget and try to do them when you should be focused on starting your round. Clean your clubs - This can be done on the range after you have warmed up. Always start your round with a nice clean set of clubs (make sure you only have 14) and don’t forget the grips. They will appreciate it! Grab snacks and water - Make sure you have plenty of water to drink, especially during the summer months. And always have some snacks in your bag [...]

RecruitPKB: Verbal vs. NLI

Over the last two weeks, I posted the definitions of a verbal agreement and the National Letter of Intent. This week I wanted to do a comparison of the two to better explain how they relate to the recruiting process. A verbal agreement is not legally binding, however, the NLI legally binds a student-athlete (SA) to attend that institution in exchange for athletic aid. While a verbal commitment can be made at any time during the process, the SA can only sign the NLI during designated signing periods of an SA's senior year. A verbal commitment is an agreement between an SA and the current coach. The NLI is an agreement between the SA and the institution. If an SA has made a verbal commitment and the coach leaves, the SA is not required to attend that institution and the institution is not required to uphold the [...]

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RecruitPKB: National Letter of Intent

  I posted last week that I would have a blog about verbal commitments this week, but I wanted to post the definition of an NLI first so that you have that understanding. Next week though will be a comparison of the two and what they each mean in the recruiting process.

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