“Perfection is motivated by fear. Excellence is motivated by love.”

An athlete I follow on Instagram posted this on Saturday from her church sermon and it reminded me of what I see a lot of young female golfers struggle with quite a bit.

So many girls seek perfection on the golf course. They have a mentality that makes them fear they are going to do something wrong. They expect every shot to be perfect. They worry a bad shot or missed putt means they made a mistake. They worry about what will happen if they miss a green. Or if they make a double bogey. Or if they hit it OB. They fear they are letting their coach or their parents down. They fear they won’t get recruited to play college golf.

Instead of seeking perfection on the golf course, focus on seeking excellence. Excellence is driven by a desire to make the most of whatever you are dealt. To embrace the challenges you are given. To be determined to get up and down if you miss a green. To hit a great recovery shot when you find trouble. To not let a bad hole affect your attitude. To hit every shot with 100% commitment. To believe in your preparation. To trust your abilities.

Learn to love the good and the bad that comes with every round of golf. Look at bad shots as an opportunity to do something special. Look at bad rounds as an opportunity to improve. Don’t fear bad shots or bad rounds, embrace and accept them.

Seek EXCELLENCE instead of perfection. Be motivated by LOVE instead of fear.

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Brandi Jackson

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