RecruitPKB: Getting Started with the Process

//RecruitPKB: Getting Started with the Process

RecruitPKB: Getting Started with the Process

Every junior golfer is at a different place in the college recruiting process but there are some basic steps that you need to follow in order to get started.

  1. Learn the NCAA rules and regulations – A student-athlete who knows the rules of college recruiting will not only impress a coach but also be able to better navigate the process and not get confused. Register at by your junior year.
  2. Get a 3rd party evaluation – Every student-athlete needs an unbiased 3rd party evaluation to assist with setting realistic goals and expectations as well as develop a plan to reach them.
  3. Build a college recruiting resume – One of the most important steps! Every coach needs to see a complete resume with all of the proper information so they can fully evaluate the student-athlete.
  4. Record a quality swing video – Along with the college recruiting resume, coaches need to see a swing video with a variety of shots. A clear, simple, to the point video will work best.
  5. Research 75+ realistic schools – Student athletes should initially research a minimum of 75 schools (depending on your location and preferences) and contact as many as possible. This may seem like a lot but this list will quickly dwindle down to only a handful of opportunities. Do the research!
  6. Draft an introduction letter – Draft a standard introduction email that you can use when first contacting a coach. It needs to be addressed specifically to each coach and kept to the point while giving them a good idea about who you are as a player, student, and person. Be sure to include your resume and video.
  7. Take visits – This step can not begin too early! The rules allow you to visit a campus and talk with the coach at any time. The sooner you can develop a relationship with the coach, the easier the process will be. The more campuses you visit, the more you will learn about what you like and dislike.

If you have questions about the college recruiting process please contact our Recruit PKB College Consultant Brandi Jackson at

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