RecruitPKB: Happy New Year

//RecruitPKB: Happy New Year

RecruitPKB: Happy New Year

Wow! Another year has flown by!

I hope you are excited about 2018. As we kick off this new year, I wanted to pass along a few ideas on ways to approach the new year in terms of junior golf and college recruiting.

As we all know many people like to set resolutions and goals at the start of a new year. These can range from work to fitness to financial to personal goals and resolutions. So why not take advantage of the start of the year excitement and write down a few goals of your own for golf and college recruiting.

As you have read in many of my articles, outcome goals only give you a reference for creating your goals, you must dig deeper and create smaller, actionable goals in order to achieve those outcome goals. A dream is only as big as the plan you set to achieve it. And setting a plan is still only the first step, you must execute the plan.

So sit down while you still have some time for your holiday break and write down very specific goals for this upcoming year. Take each goal and then break it down into the smallest actions that are necessary to achieve that goal. A general example includes:

Winning a PKB tournament this spring

  • 5 specific practice drills per week and track progress – write down each drill with ways to track progress
  • Set a time-frame each week to work on full swing technique, changes, fundamentals – take notes and go over them with your swing coach
  • Work on 3 weaker areas of your game – write down each area and specific ways to practice them each week
  • Read a mental game book (or spend extra time with your mental game coach) – take specific notes and set times to work specifically on your mental game each week
  • Golf workouts 3x a week – track your progress
  • Create a pre-round warm-up routine to follow every event
  • Take notes and learn the course during practice rounds
  • Create post-round notes to determine what you did well, what you need to improve on and how you will work to improve those areas




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  1. Paige Drinkard January 3, 2018 at 8:54 pm - Reply

    Happy New Year to you! Thanks for the article and for inspiring these young ladies!

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