How are you taking advantage of your time? Don’t feel too overwhelmed to accomplish everything just because you have more time available during this period of social distancing and quarantine. But do take advantage of having the opportunity to focus on things you weren’t able to before when school and golf were majority of your days and weekends.

This is a great time to start a new project, pick up a hobby, try a new sport, read a book, exercise, or help someone else. Obviously we all need to follow the guidelines in place to protect our health and the health of others, but within what is allowed take advantage of this time.

If your golf course is still open set aside practice time and focus during that time. Some days it’s ok to go out there and not have a plan, but most days you should have a plan of action for how you plan to practice. Spend time on golf course. Play a 36 hole day if you can and walk. If your golf course is closed then use what you have in your yard and be creative. If you don’t have much space in your yard try to find somewhere near by in a field, park, or open space.

Practice putting indoor. Create fun trick shots. Play an imaginary course in your head. Write down your round on paper and visualize how you would play the tournament that was canceled. Anything that can keep your mind and muscles stimulated during this time.

And as discussed in the last article, spend time on recruiting because there isn’t a better time to connect with coaches than these few weeks!

Written by: Brandi Jackson, RecruitPKB College Consultant

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