Dear PKBGT Players and Parents,

Many of you have seen me out at tournaments, attended a group seminar, utilized your free
initial consultation, or engaged in a consulting program over my time with the PKBGT as the
RecruitPKB College Consultant. As we all have faced one of the strangest, most uncertain and
stressful times in our lives I wanted to share a few thoughts from my perspective, having spent
a majority of the past 3 months in communication with many college coaches and prospective
student-athletes around the country.

The recruiting process was already a very fluid and inconsistent process prior to all of this but
that has jumped to an entirely new level of uncertainty and confusion for all parties involved.
The college coaches are having to make some of the most difficult decisions of their careers
and sort through many, many unforeseen scenarios now and for years to come. So. while this
one of the most opportune times to connect and engage with the coaches, do keep in mind
their current situation and uneasiness about the future of their players and program. Be patient
with them while also putting forth your best effort to make a great impression on who you are
as a student, athlete, and personal through mostly electronic communication at this time.

And as many of you are getting ready to start tournament golf again I want to encourage you to
take a deep breath and remember that it’s going to work itself out over time. While I hope you
have found ways to improve yourself and your game during this time, there are some areas that
were out of your control during this time. Do your best not to compare your last couple of
months to anybody else. Everyone has their own goals and priorities and there has been a
different level of access to resources during this time. Remember that the coaches know this
has been a big adjustment for you all as well. So relax and enjoy the opportunity to get back on
the course with other PKBGT girls and compete in this wonderful game.

Please know that I am here for any questions you may have about college golf and college
recruiting. I am extremely grateful for the relationships with many of the college coaches who
are kind enough to keep me in the loop on what is going on from their perspective so that I can
better educate and consult each of you who seek out the guidance and advice.

If you have not utilized your Recruit PKB FREE 30 Minute Initial Consultation now is a great
time to take advantage of that so that I can share the current landscape of the recruiting
process with you. If you feel more guidance is needed please also fill out the questionnaire at
the link below and we can set up a time to discuss those options.

Player Questionnaire

Brandi Jackson