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What is the PerformPKB platform?

One of the most frustrating parts for players and parents is understanding where you fit in the recruiting process and how your game will translate to the next level.  The goal of the PerformPKB platform is to provide information from our Player & Physical Performance experts on what you can be doing to improve your game, your body and your mind to achieve at the next level.

Player Performance Consultant Robert Linville of Precision Golf School will provide guidance from the coaches prospective.  His articles will talk about what coaches are looking for, how the evaluate talent, what are the metrics that you need to achieve to compete at the different levels.  In addition, he will focus on the modern statistical revolution in golf and how you can improve your preparation and practice by utilizing shots gained in your playing & practice.  The Precision Coaching Program will offer players the ability to utilize the methods to improve your preparation and better understand your game.

Physical Performance Consultant Chris Finn of Par4Success will provide guidance from the athletic development prospective.  His articles will talk about how players need to prepare their bodies and minds for peak performance.  In addition, he will highlight the physical traits of high performing golfers and provide the pathway for each player to apply these lessons to their own development.  Each PKBGT member will receive a 30-day personalized training package for each player.  Players can initiate and continue the program remotely OR IN PERSON so you can train like the professionals!

Where do I go from here?


 Understand the things you can do to better prepare for excelling in tournaments and the next level

  Read articles from our expert consultants » to find out what it takes to succeed at the highest levels
  Read articles from our Player Performance Consultant Robert Linville » to improve your scores
  Read articles from our Physical Performance Consultant Chris Finn » to develop and maintain peak performance
  Attend a Seminar » to learn about what it takes and ask questions
  Play Tournaments with the PKBGT » or others in your area »

PerformPKB Par4Success Custom Training Package
 Recent College Commitments
10/14 Ryann Sinclair (V) - NC State
10/7 Caroline Crumrine (V) - Furman
10/6 Ana Tsiros (V) - James Madison
9/23 Sasha Hayes (V) - Campbell
9/15 Tatum McKelvey (V) - Bucknell
9/14 Emileigh Swords (V) - Southern Wesleyan
9/1 Jensen Castle (V) - Kentucky
9/1 Christine Shao (V) - Columbia
9/1 Therese Warner (V) - Arizona
8/22 Lauren Freyvogel (V) - Penn State
8/22 Alexis Sudjianto (V) - Carnegie Mellon

Featured Player | PKB Girls Golf Tour | Recruit PKB

Sasha Hayes
Class of 2020
Winston-Salem, NC
Campbell Unversity
Big South Conference
Verbal Date: 9/23

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The driving range is the biggest barrier to a golfer's success.  Period.  It is a place where quantity is king, and quality is the court jester.  Repeating swing after swing in a blocked practice format actually breeds repetitive injuries and ends careers.  Minimal carry over onto the course from the range is what keeps handicaps and frustrations high, while contributing to the high number of injuries that we see on [...]