RecruitPKB: Bring on 2017

//RecruitPKB: Bring on 2017

RecruitPKB: Bring on 2017


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, holiday season, and a Happy New Year. I know I sure did! I was able to spend a lot of time with my families and friends, ate way too much good food and relaxed a bit as the year came to a close. I am really excited about 2017 and what is in store for PKBGT and RecruitPKB.


As we kick this year off, I wanted to give the opportunity for you to send me some questions and thoughts on topics you would like for me to cover in my articles, webinars, and seminars. These can be specific to college recruiting or more general in regards to player development, junior golf, female athletes, etc. You can email your thoughts and questions to me at

Right now, we are working on updating our RecruitPKB packages for this year to help you get started with a better understanding of player development, competitive junior golf, and the college recruiting process. Those should be announced soon so be on the lookout.

I am also working on a series of webinars and video presentations that I will host throughout the year as well. These will be very informative and extremely beneficial in helping you better understand the process. Again, if you have ideas for topics of discussion please send those to me.

And lastly, I encourage everyone to write down some thoughts, inspirations, or motivational quotes that you want to focus on this year. It can be as simple as one word or you may have a bunch of thoughts and quotes that pertain to different areas of your life. Outcome goals are great, they are what give us the energy to work hard, but it’s the reason behind why you chose those goals and the effort you put into achieving them that make the difference in whether or not they become reality.


If you are interested in learning more about college recruiting please contact RecruitPKB College Consultant Brandi Jackson at

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