RecruitPKB: Ceiling of Improvement

RecruitPKB: Ceiling of Improvement

“If you don’t do the things you’re not good at then you’ll never get better”

This doesn’t just mean practicing or working on those things a little to say you did it, it means dedicating time to actually get better at those things!

One of the earlier years of being on Symetra tour, my college boyfriend, who was a pretty good golfer, was caddying for me and he noticed that I was having more longer irons into greens bc the courses were playing longer. But during my warm up and practice, I would only hit them about half as much as I did my shorter irons.

My 8 iron was my favorite club, it always had more wear on it than any other club in my bag!! I loved grooving it on the range shot after shot and I would get excited on the course when that happened to be the perfect club for a shot! 🙄Not always the best mentality!

But I committed to hitting more longer irons over the new few weeks. I specifically would set aside an extra stack of balls that I would hit with my 4, 5, and 6 irons.

And guess what happened?!?

I got better with them and eventually, my 5 and 6 irons became my new best friends! And hybrids were invented and I fell in love with my 4 hybrid.

It’s simple if you aren’t willing to work as hard if not harder on the things you don’t like or aren’t as good at then you will always have a ceiling for your level of improvement.

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