RecruitPKB: Dress the Part

//RecruitPKB: Dress the Part

RecruitPKB: Dress the Part

Through my 28+ years of playing golf, I have certainly seen golf fashion change drastically over time, especially for females. As junior golfers, we did not have many options for cute clothing on the golf course. I can remember wearing long Duck Head shorts and baggy collared shirts for most of my childhood. I will admit that I was quite the tomboy growing up but the options were still very limited to look cute and trendy on the golf course. Even in college, golf skirts/skorts were just becoming a fashion trend. Obviously, times have changed and so has fashion on the golf course.

From a college recruiting perspective, how you dress on the golf course can play a factor in whether a coach recruits you or not. It would be one of the small factors, but it is still something to be aware of as you proceed through junior golfer. It is no different than how you would dress to walk into a job interview to impress a future employer. Anytime you are playing in a tournament, you have the opportunity to impress a coach so always dress the part. I am well aware of the importance to a young girl of looking good on the course and wanting to be unique. I am in no way deterring any player from wanting to do that but I do hear the coaches talk and they take notice in how a player chooses to dress and carry themselves. So keep these factors in mind when shopping for golf clothes or getting dressed to play a golf tournament.

  • You are playing golf, which requires you to bend over A LOT, so keep in mind how short your skirts and shorts are.
  • Leggings and tights are not golf pants. Try to only wear them under shorts and skirts.
  • Collared shirts are always smiled upon in the golf world, however, it is understood that female golf shirts are made without collars so those are acceptable as well. Just keep in mind that you will be bending over so try to avoid low cut shirts.
  • Many female golf shirts are made to not tuck in, which is fine, but if you do tuck your shirt in try to make sure it stays tucked in.
  • Have fun with what you wear and be different, but always keep in mind that you are trying to impress coaches. Keep it clean, classic and cool!
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