RecruitPKB: Find Your WHY

RecruitPKB: Find Your WHY

Motivation can be tough at times for athletes of all levels. You can get tired, burned out, frustrated or simply just lose focus. To help make sure you stay motivated everyday take the time to figure out your “why”. Why do you play golf? Why do you practice? Why do you play tournaments? There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong reason but everybody needs to know their why. For some athletes it’s more of an internal reason such as the competitiveness, for others it’s for an external reason or reward such as a golf scholarship.

Take some time to think about yourself and your golf game and figure out your own personal “why”. Make sure that its yours and not your parents or your friends. It has to be a reason that means something to you and makes you wake up everyday and want to get better. Write it on your bathroom mirror or make it your phone’s background, somewhere that you will see it every morning. Hopefully on days that you aren’t feeling great or motivated to practice your “why” will remind you of what it is that you are working so hard to achieve.

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