Now that we are in the full swing of summer golf, many of you have accumulated an array of tournament results. If you haven’t been updating the coaches on a regular basis, then it’s a great time to make sure you put them together in a nice format and send them out to college coaches. The results need to be easy for a coach to read and understand. Putting them in a chart or bullet point list is recommended. You need to include the date, tournament name, golf course, scores, finish, and stats. Stats would include the par, yardage, slope, and rating if available. A big majority of coaches will know the conditions and strength of the field for many of the tournaments but if you are emailing coaches outside of your region they may not know them all.

If you have already sent an intro email with your full resume to coaches then use this as a time to email them your results from this summer and include some insight into your game and what has been going on both on and off the golf course. I know it’s tempting to leave out the bad scores but make sure you include them all. Coaches understand you are going to have bad days and bad tournaments. They would rather be able to get the total picture and not look on the internet to find scores you didn’t include. You can add any severe weather conditions, injury, or illness as a side note but you want to make sure there isn’t a trend with withdrawing or always having an excuse/reason for a bad round. Once you have the results together in a nice and neat format, send it out to all of the coaches on your list.


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