This week I want to share some tips on what to do after a coach has come out to watch you play. Some of these are relative to where you are in the process with that particular coach but it should give you an idea of things you can do if you know the coach was watching you play.

  • Give them a call. If it is past June 15th prior to junior year, you can give them a call after they came out to watch you play. You may not reach them and get a chance to talk with them but it’s a great time to call and get some feedback on what they saw of your game while it’s fresh on their mind. You can also give them insight into your game and how you felt about your play which can make a huge difference in them continuing to recruit you or not.
  • Send an email. Send an email if you aren’t able to get them by phone or if it’s prior to that June 15th date. Tell them thanks for coming out to watch you play. If they can reply to your email then initiate some questions about how you played. Keep it fairly brief and avoid making any excuses but give them some thoughts about your round and what you felt you did well and what you need to work on.
  • Accept the feedback.¬†Sometimes the feedback you get may not be what you are expecting but accept what the coach tells you and try to learn from it. You may get mixed opinions from different coaches as they all have different philosophies and ways of recruiting players. Part of the process is taking these conversations and trying to figure out which coach is a good fit for you based on conversations you may have after they see you play.
  • Schedule a visit.¬†If you haven’t visited the school yet this is a great opportunity to try and schedule a time to visit, assuming the coach liked what they saw of your play. Have some available dates ready and ask if the coach could meet with you. Just keep in mind that you can’t take visits where you meet with the coach or athletic staff until after August 1 of junior year.