RecruitPKB: When do I start the process?

//RecruitPKB: When do I start the process?

RecruitPKB: When do I start the process?

A few days ago I gave the opportunity to my social media followers to post or send questions about junior golf and college recruiting. Over the next few weeks, I am going to take those questions and share some insight with you on my answers in case you missed those discussions.

The first question, which I actually received 3 different times that evening, was along the lines of “at what age do you recommend a girl start the recruiting process.” Clearly, this is a question that I get asked often so I have learned a few different ways to approach my response. As with many things in the process, there are rarely definitive answers and this is definitely one of the tougher ones to answer.

For starting the recruiting process and contacting coaches, it’s more about the strength of a player’s resume than it is their age, as some 8th graders who are shooting in the 70s from 5800yds and longer can successfully begin the process, although it pains me to say that. On the reverse, a sophomore still shooting 80 and up, especially from shorter than 5800yds, will find it difficult to get responses and start the process as the coaches recruiting at that stage are trying to find players shooting in the 70s. You can begin to understand the process, but the focus needs to continue to be on game development, tournament schedule and what you need to do to continue to get better.

I would say no earlier than 8th grade tho from an age perspective to put much time and energy into the actual recruiting process, and some coaches won’t even give that any attention bc they consider players still too young. Yes, this is the day and age where it’s all about trying to get ahead of the game and give yourself the most opportunities possible, so it never hurts to send a few coaches at your top schools an email every so often (1x every month to 6 weeks at most during active golf seasons) as a 6th-9th grader who is trying to build up a resume to become a potential recruit for that program. Just keep in mind that it needs to be simple, from the player, and just a few updates on results and goals. You can include your swing coach as well just in case the coach does have you on their radar and they want to reach out. But keep expectations at a minimum during this time and just focus on having fun with the game and figuring out what you need to do to get better!



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