“We are living in a much different recruiting world right now so there is an extra level of patience and understanding that has to be considered for everyone, while also not being complacent and too narrow-minded on options as you can control that part.”

Thought I’d share a snippet of my email reply to one of my girls this week.

The last few months as a recruiting consultant has been very difficult, being sought for answers and advice on a process that is completely out of the norm and extremely uncertain has been a bit stressful.

Even with 10 years of being a consultant, at times recently I’ve felt uncertain on what to tell a player as to not create more anxiety and fear in them than they already have on their own.

But for all of you recruits, keep in mind that coaches are also in the midst of very unusual and uncertain times as well. I’ve spent more time the last few months reaching out to coaches and seeking insight than ever before.

Don’t get me wrong, some coaches are better at communication than others even during normal times, but some are facing current team and recruiting decisions that they never imagined they would encounter in their careers.

So be mindful of that in your approaches with them.

Being patient doesn’t mean you have to be complacent though.
Focus on what you can be doing and what you can control.

Consider other options that you might not have before this pandemic hit.

Be open-minded to what may be out for you to still pursue your dream of playing college golf.

Be persistent and positive, but also understanding and humble.

Stay calm and confident, but also hungry and determined.