What has been the biggest surprise or adjustment about college golf?


“I think the biggest surprise about college golf was how much more goes into it than junior golf. Now, I have to be responsible for everything that goes into being prepared for the golf tournament. After the tournament, I can’t rely on my parents to help unpack if I’m a little tired or take the day off school the next day. It is a bigger commitment, but the reward is greater too as you get to represent an entire team and school, not just yourself.”
– DI Golfer


“Trying to understand and respect different approaches of my teammates as we try to reach the same goals” – Ivy League Golfer


“A big adjustment for me was dealing with competitiveness between teammates. In high school, I didn’t have to compete a lot with my teammates for spots because our skill levels varied greatly. In college, the people on your team are much closer to your skill level, so everyone is competing for the same spots on the travel team. This can be frustrating because you’re playing on a team but also have to go up against your teammates to do so, which can create a weird team dynamic.” – Ivy League Golfer


Personally I would say the competition of qualifying is a struggle; the team has good players and you and your teammates all want to succeed but at the same time you want to qualify.” – DII Golfer


“Getting to know and understand how my teammates work differently than I do but knowing we all have the same goals we are trying to reach. 

Playing against teammates that are at the same skill level as myself and getting comfortable playing competitively against my teammates in order to travel. 

Getting used to being on a team and working together versus when i was in high school and worked on my game by myself. 

The amount of responsibility that I now have on myself that I wasn’t used to in high school. Time management is so important so that I am able to accomplish all of my work on and off the course.” – DIII Golfer

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Written by: Brandi Jackson, RecruitPKB College Consultant

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