What have you struggled with the most since getting to college?

  • “Being patient with results and just trusting the process day in and day out. In the meantime, intentionally enjoying and appreciated the free time I do have is something I am constantly working on.” – Ivy League Golfer
  • “Personally I would say the competition of qualifying is a struggle; the team has good players and you and your teammates all want to succeed but at the same time you want to qualify.” – DII Golfer
  • “Always trying to be at my best is way harder in college due to getting less sleep every night and the exposure to more germs and illnesses can make it difficult to always feel 100% and give all out effort.” – DI Golfer
  • “I was always told that college golf is way less stressful than junior golf, especially if you’re not aiming to go pro, but over the past two semesters, particularly the last one, I struggled a lot with the mental side of my golf game. I had never felt so disconnected from my game. Golf would physically and mentally drain my energy; I found it much harder now than I did during my last years of high school to be resilient during my rounds and ground out a good score.” – Ivy League Golfer



Written by: Brandi Jackson, RecruitPKB College Consultant

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