RecruitPKB: Coach Interview with University of Albany

//RecruitPKB: Coach Interview with University of Albany

RecruitPKB: Coach Interview with University of Albany

Coach Colleen McSween, University of Albany Head Women’s Golf Coach, gives us her insight about college recruiting.


Do you prefer that a recruit fills out the online questionnaire or sends their resume? Or both?

Personally, I prefer a personal email with their resume.  Our questionnaire is very generic, but if they have filled it out then at least I know they have looked through our website.

What do you look for when observing a recruit on the course?

Demeanor is important to me on a course.  Keeping emotions in tack.  Looks confident.  Walks tall.  Acts like they know what they are doing (even if they don’t) 🙂 

Also, I like kids that carry their golf bags.  I’m old school.  I realize push carts are maybe the future, but I still like to see the golfers picking up their bags. 

I also like to see them walking off yardages in addition to using the lasers. 

The less interaction with their parents walking along and watching the better.

How important is it that a golfer needs to begin a workout program before freshman year?

I think it is important for anyone to be familiar with a workout program, but not necessarily have already started one.

What is the biggest mistake you see junior golf families make in this process?

Assuming that colleges will come after their kids because the parents think their junior golfer is “good.”  Starting the recruiting process and reaching out to colleges not soon enough.

What do you feel is the best part of a college golfer’s experience?

The team atmosphere of proudly representing YOUR college in collegiate golf tournaments around the country!  Playing great courses and meeting new people.

What advice would you have for a recruit who is struggling with their game through this process?

Focus on the positives.  Work on the negatives.  Golf is a game of ups and downs and any golf coach who has played golf understands that.

What is your favorite motivational or inspirational quote? What are ways you help motivate and inspire the team?

My indoor room has a wall that spells out UA GOLF and each letter is made up of at least 25 quotes.  Too many to name, but one of my favorites is “The only way you can be stopped is if you never start.”  In the winter indoor season, I actually have each player pick a favorite quote off the wall and write a 1 page paper explaining what that quote means to them…not necessarily about golf, but whatever.  It helps me learn more about my players.

How much does a junior golfer’s distance play a factor in recruiting?

I like players that hit it further than the average bear.  It’s how I played when I competed so it is easier for me to relate to as a coach.  However, I have also coached plenty of players that hit it shorter than normal and play a more conservative game.  I tend to look for length, but that isn’t everything.

What can parents do to help their junior golfer better prepare for college golf?

Teach them the basics of life.  Time management.  Studying tools.  Laundry.  Packing effectively.  Being mature and able to hold a conversation with adults/professors/donors.

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