Let’s talk about qualifying once you get to college. Right now you’re seeing a lot of programs posting about team qualifying going on as their fall season continues.

So how is qualifying handled?

A general rule of thumb is that players will compete in a series of qualifying rounds, usually at a few different area courses, to earn a spot in the lineup for the first tournament.

Ex: Players will play 5 rounds, the 3 lowest total scores will qualify for 3 spots and the coach has two picks.

There are some cases that once a coach gets a lineup then they stick with those 5 players all fall season but usually players will have opportunities to earn their way on to the travel team throughout the season.

Typically certain criteria are set to allow players in the tourney to earn their spot at the next tourney via a top finish or score.

Depending on the turnaround time between tourneys sometimes the players who don’t go to that tourney will qualify while the team is gone to possibly earn a spot in the next event. If there is enough time between tourneys then another series of qualifying rounds may be held for all players who aren’t automatically in the next tournament.

This is something you need to ask all coaches as you are going thru the process to get a clear understanding. But keep in mind, at the end of the day they are the coach and can change their mind if they have a gut feeling or reason for wanting to change things up.

Brandi Jackson

RecruitPKB College Consultant

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