“I would say my least favorite part of the recruiting process was the very beginning. It was difficult for me to stay motivated at that point when I wasn’t seeing those immediate responses from coaches or a lot of immediate results. But as I learned, it is a long process, and it was definitely worth the patience and time I put in in the end.”

– Megan Morris, Freshman at Rhodes College


For those who may feel like the process isn’t going as you imagined or you aren’t seeing the results from your work, just remember to stay focused on your efforts.

The timeline and end goal may look very different than what you’re anticipating right now, but if you are committed and persistent then it is going to work out as it should.

It requires a lot of trust in the process but also not allowing yourself to sit back and expect it to happen for you.

And don’t allow yourself to compare your progress and timeline to others, there are SO MANY factors that you don’t realize are going on that dictate when, why, and how the process unfolds.


If you need any assistance please contact Recruit PKB College Recruiting Consultant Brandi Jackson at bjackson@pkbgt.org.