RecruitPKB: Embrace Being Different

//RecruitPKB: Embrace Being Different

RecruitPKB: Embrace Being Different

We were all made to be unique individuals. We all look different, think different and act differently. But as a middle school or high school student, it can sometimes be difficult to accept the things about yourself that are different. It is so tempting to want to fit in and be part of the popular crowd. But, the truth is the people who learn to embrace the things about themselves that make them unique tend to be the ones that go on to be more successful than those that don’t. They are more confident and secure because they know who they are and they know that their uniqueness sets them apart from everyone else. I promise that what you think is popular now will mean very little a year from now and especially once you get to college.

Growing up it wasn’t necessarily “cool” to be a girl who played golf. This was before Tiger Woods came along and made the game of golf “cool” and before the younger females started to dominate the LPGA Tour. A lot of kids I went to school with thought it was strange that I would want to play golf and compete with the boys. Plus golf clothes back then for the girls were not very cute. Being a cheerleader was the popular thing to do in high school. I even caught myself at times not wanting to tell people that I played golf. But as time went on, I learned to embrace the fact that I was different from all the other girls in my high school and I started to see its benefits. Now one of the first things I try to input into a conversation with someone I meet is that I am a golfer. It is amazing how much it lights up the interest from others when there is something unique about yourself and you have learned to embrace it.

It doesn’t have to be the fact that you are a golfer that makes you unique. Maybe there is something about your appearance that makes you different. Or you have a hobby that is different. Or you dress differently or drive a different car. Whatever it may be, don’t let your differences make you feel self-conscious or insecure. Know that being different is a good thing. Learn to embrace your differences and stand out from the crowd. Once you head off to college the “in crowd” drastically changes. Those kids who were popular in high school will just become regular students in the midst of a big college campus. Embrace your differences and be proud of who you are!

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