I’ve been having some discussions recently with some of my players about how they get caught up in their score and wondering how they can prevent that. And my answer was, you can’t! In my opinion, it’s just part of getting better and knowing that you’re close to shooting a new low round. It is just part of the process. You can’t really just ignore the obvious at that point, which is your score.

To expect a young golfer to not think about their score when that is really the ultimate goal they are aiming for is really tough to ask. But thankfully, each time it happens and you are aware of it, then it gets easier the next time. So I recommend giving yourself a little bit of a break from thinking that it’s such a negative thing right now. When you’re in those moments, just do your best to take a deep breath before each shot, to have something that triggers your mind to focus on the shot at hand, focus on your routine and trust yourself to put the best swing on each shot at hand. If your mind wanders between shots and you catch yourself thinking about your score that’s ok. Don’t get too caught up in trying to forget about it and create even more anxiety than you already have as you’re about to shoot a new low score.

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