Last week I shared some insight on IGTV about how the recruiting process can help you overcome those moments of pressure when you are in contention or shooting your new low round. In case you didn’t watch that episode I wanted to break it down into a few thoughts and takeaways as I feel this is such an important topic both with player development and the recruiting process

  •  Accept that struggling when you are in contention or nearing your new low round is part of the process, you have to get yourself in those positions in order to know what it’s like. And you’re going to fail more often than you’re gonna succeed at them, especially as you’re still maturing and getting experience.
  • Think back to what happened once you get in those moments, what changed about your game (mentally and physically). For me, I realized that I tended to rush my routine when I was in contention and I just wanted to hit the shot and get it done before I thought about it. I would also miss-hit shots around the green when I was under pressure
  • You have to look at your tendencies under pressure, how your body reacts to it, what types of shots do you tend to hit, etc, and then learn how to practice those scenarios under pressure during practice time. The more aware you are of what changes when under pressure the easier you can learn to prepare and manage them the next time you are in that situation
  • Using these scenarios as part of your follow up with college coaches can really help with both your development and your communication with the coaches. If you can provide good insight into your rounds which includes what you need to focus on during your practice time in order to improve then you will make a better impression on the coach about your maturity and awareness.


Written by: Brandi Jackson, RecruitPKB College Consultant

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