RecruitPKB: I am Proud of Who I am

//RecruitPKB: I am Proud of Who I am

RecruitPKB: I am Proud of Who I am

I am usually posting about college recruiting and complete player content here on the ReruitPKB blog but I wrote this post last week on my personal and BJGolf social media and it really seemed to hit home with a lot of people. I thought I would share here as well in case there is a young girl out there going through some of the same things I did as a high school and college golfer.
When I was in high school, my insecurities made me easily influenced and naive.
When I was in college, my insecurities made me guarded and immature.
When I was on tour, my insecurities made me easily intimidated and anxious.
After my tour days, my insecurities made me uncertain and unsettled on who I was without being a golfer.
And now I realize that my insecurities have simply made me into who I am.
Do I still have insecurities? Most definitely
But instead of making me weak or troubled, they make me more determined and stronger. They make me want to figure out ways to do better and be better!
And yes for the first time I am truly proud of who I am.
Truth is I couldn’t say that for a long time which is actually ironic as I was a 3 sport athlete in high school, salutatorian of our class, went to Furman on a golf/academic scholarship, was an All-American, earned my LPGA Tour card on my first attempt, inducted in the Furman Hall of Fame… Sounds like a lot to be proud of?!?
Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of my accomplishments, but not necessarily proud of how I achieved them and the person I was when I achieved them.
A big reminder of that was a recent discussion I had with a player about being the captain of her high school golf team. It reminded me of my senior year at Furman when I found out I wasn’t going to be our team captain, despite being the #1 player on the team. I remember being upset about it at the time but in thinking back, our coach Mic Potter had all the right in making that decision. I didn’t deserve that title. Not that I was a bad teammate or a bad kid, but I definitely didn’t exactly lead by example on and off the golf course as a #1 player and team captain should, I just happened to have a really good talent for playing golf.
Strive to be a leader, not just the best player
Don’t have regrets, but don’t continue to make the same mistakes.
Always aim to be proud of who you are and not necessarily what you have done.
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