RecruitPKB: I Didn’t Sign, Now What?

//RecruitPKB: I Didn’t Sign, Now What?

RecruitPKB: I Didn’t Sign, Now What?

I know it may feel like everyone else signed their NLI last week but don’t worry! There are still opportunities out there and coaches who need players. You can still find an opportunity to play college golf and sign during the regular signing period in April if you put some work into the process.

Keep a good schedule of tournaments lined up throughout the fall, winter, and spring. Let the coaches know where you will be playing. Focus mostly on DII, DIII, NAIA and JuCo schools, as most DI programs will have finished their recruiting. There are still some DI coaches looking for players into the spring of senior year, but it’s a more rare occurrence so don’t put many eggs in that basket.

Try to consider some colder areas of the country as those programs tend to fill up their roster later. The better academic schools usually finish the process in the fall of senior year so many times you may have to sacrifice a higher academic school in order to play college golf. Just determine your priorities.

Remember that scholarship money will more than likely be limited to academic and need-based money at this point so keep that in mind.

Also remember, if you go somewhere that you aren’t sure is a good fit but is your best or maybe the only option, don’t pass up that opportunity and decide not to play college golf if it’s something you really want to do. You can always decide later on that it’s not a good fit and go to school as a regular student, but the opportunity to play college golf only happens once for a student-athlete.



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