RecruitPKB: Preparing for September 1

//RecruitPKB: Preparing for September 1

RecruitPKB: Preparing for September 1

This past week we hosted a webinar on Preparing for Sept 1st (of junior year). If you missed the webinar you can listen to the replay <HERE>

I wanted to share a few of the highlights that we discussed on the webinar. If you are interested in scheduling your free 30-minute RecruitPKB consultation to learn more about the recruiting process please select a time from the online calendar <HERE>.

Preparing for Sept 1st

1. Understand the NCAA contact rules for Sept 1 of Junior Year

        • Electronic communication is allowed by the coaches (phone calls, texts, and emails) starting on Sept 1 of junior year. Prior to Sept 1 of junior year, coaches can only communicate with a player if the player calls and they answer or the coach speaks to a 3rd party (high school or swing coach).
        • Official and unofficial visits are allowed starting Sept 1 of a recruit’s junior year. Prior to Sept 1 recruits may visit campus but no one from the athletic dept is allowed to speak or assist in the recruit’s visit. 

2. What should we do before Sept 1st

        • Research realistic programs and contact coaches via an intro email and phone call. Keep the coaches up to date on your progress. 
        • Because visits will be more limited starting Sept 1st, you need to advocate for yourself ahead of Sept 1 to make the best impression on a college coach. 
        • Try to have some visits scheduled for after Sept 1st. 

3. What should we expect on Sept 1st

        • If you have been realistic and proactive in contacting coaches, hopefully, you will receive some phone calls, texts, and emails from coaches. Reply back to all communication!

4. What if we don’t hear from any coaches on Sept 1st?

        • Don’t stress! This happens to many recruits who may not have been realistic in the programs they contacted. There is still plenty of time to make this process happen.
        • Reset and restart. Readjust your preferences and level of programs to expand your options in as many ways as possible. Restart the process of intro emails and phones calls.

5. What happens after Sept 1st?

        • Hopefully, you were able to schedule some visits. The first impression you make on a coach will mean even more since the time frame is more limited with recruiting now. Make sure you are prepared before every visit!
        • Maintain communication with the coaches and keep them up to date on your progress. 
        • If all goes well you should start to receive some offers throughout the fall and winter of junior year. If not, don’t worry, a lot of recruiting takes place throughout spring and summer heading into senior year. Just keep working at it!
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