While it’s rare for even the best players in the country to get everything they want from their college decision, it helps to prioritize your criteria and focus on schools that offer the best opportunity to have access to your higher priority factors. Keep in mind though, if those schools are unrealistic in comparison to your resume then you likely won’t get any responses and limit your options. There is a balance between staying open-minded in order to find options that are realistic, while also keeping in mind the aspects that you feel are most important to you.

These are some of the more common aspects to consider in determining your college golf experience:
📌Academic demand
📌Golf demand
📌Social life
📌Scholarship opportunity
📌Coach relationship
📌Intended major
📌Playing time
📌Team chemistry

Additional factors:

📌Team diversity
📌Strength of schedule
📌Workout demands
📌Surrounding area

These aspects are going to be different for each player but decide which ones are the higher priority for you and focus your attention on schools that match that order best.