At the start of the new year, I shared with you some things to consider reflecting on from 2021 in order to then plan for 2022. I had all my clients do this assignment, this week I wanted to share some of the most common and most insightful responses that they shared with me.

What sentence or phrase sums up your 2021?

  • “A rollercoaster”
  • “Hard work works”
  • “Frustrating but making progress”
  • “Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.”
  • “You learn more by losing than by winning,”


What is the biggest challenge you overcame this past year?

  • “Balance between school and golf”
  • “Online school”
  • “Getting back up even when I wasn’t seeing the progress”
  • “Letting go of all the negative thoughts I had about my game”
  • “Recovery from surgery/injury”


What was the single biggest time “waster” this year?

  • “Doubting myself and thinking I couldn’t”
  • “Not working on my mental game”
  • “Phone”
  • “Social media”
  • “Going through my days without a plan”


What are the biggest lessons you learned in 2021?

  • “I control how I feel and react to situations
  • “More confidence with roughly the same swing will produce much better results.”
  • “High intentions, not high expectations”
  • “Tournaments are not life and death.”
  • “Communication”


What are habits you improved over the course of 2021?

  • “Practice became more purposeful”
  • “Learned to switch between train and trust modes for practice”
  • “More swagger during play”
  • “Practice perfect and throw away expectations during play”
  • “Asking for help”
  • “Body language”


How have you changed over the past year as an athlete? Student? Person?

  • “Taking more diligent and effective notes and I have journaled every night”
  • “I value hard work more”
  • “I have started to take things more seriously bc it is my future”
  • “Use my time more efficiently”
  • “I have grown in my faith even more”


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