It’s one step to send out some initial emails but it takes ongoing communication to generate interest and develop a relationship with the coach.

Based on the timing of NCAA rules, you may only be sending updates via emails until June 15th prior to your junior year when you hopefully can then speak to the coach over the phone.

Or you may currently be in communication with college coaches and receiving feedback on their part.

Whichever scenario, it is necessary to maintain some form of communication and updates as you move throughout this process. If you are being too unrealistic with your options then you may not be very productive in your efforts, so do keep that in mind.

If you are struggling with what to say in your updates and how often you should send them or you are unsure about your conversations with current coaches feel free to reach out and we can set up some options to help you!


Written by: Brandi Jackson, RecruitPKB College Consultant

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