Another edition of the Huddle Up and Listen Up series of virtual video coach panels is available!

Many times the assistant coaches don’t get all the love they deserve so I wanted to shed some light on what their roles are as assistant coaches, how their backgrounds play a part in those roles, and the advice they have for junior golfers who want to play in college.

Some REALLY good insight here!


But for those who may just want a few highlights from the panel here are some of the points that were shared:

  • During practice rounds, don’t just go through the motions, grind to figure out the course and consider all possible scenarios so you are prepared for anything during the tournament
  • During practice rounds, think about where you might miss a green, especially on longer holes, and chip from those spots to different possible pin placements
  • During your range practice time try this drill, hit an iron right of a pin, then left of the pin, then right of the pin, then left of the pin – all consecutively.
  • Make sure you can set up your own practice time and drills, don’t always rely on your parents to do that for you
  • Coach Abbott: 100 yards and in is so key for college golf but not just distance control, the ability to flight the ball, control trajectory and select the style of shot is important
  • If you create a weekly schedule you will be surprised how much free time you will actually have available
  • Coach Sloup: Say thank you! Say thank you to your parents, coaches, volunteers, teachers, course staff, anyone who has helped you or given you an opportunity to play this game
  • Coach Sloup: Coaches have to make some of the most difficult decisions so give consideration and understanding
  • Coach Young: There are a lot of different systems that can get the job done, but most importantly you need a system, you need one that works for you, and you need a total belief in that system

Coaches on Panel:
💥 #35 ranked Furman University Assistant Coach Ashley Sloup
💥 #23 ranked Virginia Tech Assistant Coach Russell Abbott
💥#45 ranked Clemson University Assistant Coach Heather Young

Written by: Brandi Jackson, RecruitPKB College Consultant

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