Freshmen and sophomores…..

are you wondering what you should be doing now that the NCAA rules prevent you from communicating with college coaches and taking visits?

While the purpose of the revised NCAA rules was to limit the communication between coach and player so that early commitments could not happen and allow players more time to develop, this doesn’t mean you can just sit back and wait. There are still many things you need to be doing before that date:

  • Create a resume and video
  • Introduce yourself to coaches via email
  • Keep them updated on your progressĀ and schedule
  • Show your interest in the program
  • Attend the right camps and showcases
  • Take academic tours
  • Play the right tournaments for your goals
  • Develop your game and practice habits
  • Improve the “intangibles”
  • Begin a workout and nutrition regimen

After 6 months of the process taking shape, we are seeing that coaches are focused on fewer players as potential recruits and are narrowing down their choices much quicker. The process is being delayed which is a HUGE positive, but it’s also taking place during a much more stressful and busy time in both coaches and recruits’ lives.

Keep in mind, in order for a coach to recruit you, they need to see you play. They need to know who you are and that you are interested in the program. The rules don’t allow communication until June 15th prior to junior year but they will set their spring and summer recruiting schedule for rising juniors well ahead of that time. If you aren’t on that list, more than likely you will miss the opportunity to be recruited.

Coaches are also handpicking who they invite to these camps as prospects so you need to let them know who you are in order to have a chance to get invited and make a good impression when you are at the camp.

Thankfully the early stages of the process aren’t as crazy and overwhelming for the current freshmen and sophomores as we were seeing in years past (unfortunately tho it is making for some very stressed and overwhelming juniors now). But it is still a time where you are going to face a lot of questions and decisions, and need support and guidance.

If you need guidance in these early stages of the process please schedule your Free Initial 30 Minute Consultation via my email

– Brandi Jackson, RecruitPKB College Consultant