RecruitPKB: Masters Takeaways

One of the best takeaways a young player can get from Masters week is to watch the Masters on the Range coverage. If you don't get a chance to watch, here are a few takeaways from how the pros warm up: 📌 Most aren’t going to get too technical the morning of a tournament round 📌 They focus on balance and tempo with their swings 📌 They give themselves different lies around the practice greens 📌 They focus on putting fundamentals, usually with a training aid or some tees 📌 They take their time and focus on every shot they hit 📌 They aren’t rushed or anxious Your warmup is NEVER the time to get frustrated or in your head about not hitting it perfect or not feeling 100% confident. It’s the time to accept what is going on that day, trust your abilities and not fight [...]

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RecruitPKB: I Survived the Beast Mode Games

Some of you who follow my Brandi Jackson Golf social media may have seen me posting over the last few weeks that I was training for the Beast Mode Games, a Crossfit style workout competition. Well, last Saturday was the day of the games so I wanted to share some pictures and a little bit of what I learned from this journey that I think could help a young female as they are competing in the junior golf world.  For starters, I had 2 awesome training friends, Kristina who was my partner for the Games and Alex who competed as well with her partner Wendy. They both pushed me over the last few weeks of training and throughout the day of the Games, along with the rest of the Knight Performance Factory (my training facility and a partner of BJGolf) coaches, competitors and supporters. It is such [...]

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RecruitPKB: Time Management

Time management is a recurring topic that many college coaches say their players struggle with on a regular basis. So why not prepare now for that transition. Once you get to college you will have to manage classes, workouts, practice, meetings, laundry, social activities, studying and traveling. It may seem easy to manage your time now, but you won't have your parents there to help keep you on track and there are many more distractions once you get to college. You will be responsible for yourself, your time and your priorities. Your college coach will determine much of your schedule but during the season they are only allowed to schedule 20 hours/week of practice, qualifying, workouts and meetings and 8 hours/week during the off season so you will have to manage your time during the other hours of the day. And most coaches will expect you to put [...]

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RecruitPKB: Learn to be Excellent

“Success is about having, excellence is about being. Success is about having money and fame, but excellence is being the best you can be.” - Mike Ditka It's so easy to get caught up in the desire to win trophies and awards. They are the external rewards that make athletes feel like their hard work has paid off and they've earned something to show for it. Many times those external rewards are what determine an athlete's success. You hear too often that a professional athlete retires, sustains a career ending injury, gets cut from the team or loses their tour status, just to realize they are left with years of external rewards but no internal ones. They don't know who they are without being successful at their sport. Learning that true excellence comes from within is what will allow a junior golfer the opportunity to use the [...]

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RecruitPKB: Set Your Goals for 2016

As we kick off 2016, it’s the perfect time to set your goals for the new year. But by “goals”, I don’t just mean your New Year’s resolutions stating that you want to do something better next year, I am talking about very specific process goals. Yes, you need big picture outcome goals such as scoring milestones, tournament finishes, your dream university, etc to keep you motivated and driven to reach the end result that you are working towards, but when setting goals you need to be very specific in what you need to do day in and day out, week in and week out, in order to achieve those big outcome goals. I had a lesson in goal setting myself recently that I thought I would share to help encourage you to set your goals for 2016. All the way back to my college golf days, [...]

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PerformPKB: Prepare to be Great

This article is part of guest series to the RecruitPKB "Complete Golfer" program by Chris Finn, owner of Par4Success in Cary, North Carolina. --- RecruitPKB Perform: Prepare to be Great Fact #1: 95% of United States junior golfers today will not play competitive golf beyond High School. Fact #2: The international talent in college golf and on the PGA and LPGA Tours has exploded. These two statements may not seem related, but they are so closely intertwined they might as well be one. Experts believe that the rise in international success on the Tours is due to a shift that has taken place at the developmental levels internationally and is lagging here in the United States; Long Term Athletic Development. Many international countries have adopted Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) programs and the results are astounding when you look at population size compared to worldwide wins (South [...]

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RecruitPKB: It Takes More Than Just Talent

“It’s not about how talented you are, it’s about how hard you work to make the most of the talent you were given” –  Me   This may sound crazy, but one of the biggest detriments to a young player’s development is being told how talented they are. Check out this short video about motivation and hard work. I was one of those players who had a very natural talent for golf from an early age. I didn’t have to be taught a lot of mechanics, early in my golf career swing coaches wouldn’t make any changes to my swing except a few tweaks to my setup if it got off. I could naturally figure out how to properly swing the club, work the ball, creatively get myself out of trouble and hit different short game shots around the green without thinking much about mechanics.   Now [...]

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RecruitPKB: 6 Ways to be More Coachable

"A proverb says that 'Only stupid men learn from experience. Wise men learn from other people’s experience'." I got this from an article written by August Turak about coachability on Forbes.com - http://www.forbes.com/sites/augustturak/2011/09/30/are-you-coachable-the-five-steps-to-coachability/ One of the number one qualities that a coach looks for in a player is coachability. They want to know that a player is going to be willing to listen, learn, practice and put into play what they teach them. This is one reason you need to do your research on the coach, their background and their coaching style. If you don't respect a coach's principles then you will never allow them to coach you to your potential. You must have faith in your coach because many times it will get worse before it gets better. so you have to trust they are doing what is best for you. You will miss out on so [...]

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RecruitPKB: Keep a Journal

This past week I read a great blog written by the Georgia Southern Women's Golf Coach about journaling. Check it out here. While I am not quite part of the techie generation where everything is done on a phone or computer, I do rely on technology for a lot of my business and personal life. However, I have always been a big believer in writing things down. I've never been one to keep a daily journal or diary, but I do constantly have a notebook or notepad to jot down ideas and thoughts and will occasionally give in to writing in my phone notepad if one isn't available. I believe that writing things down holds another level of accountability and retention. It is a great way to set goals, keep track of progress and provide an outlet for your thoughts and feelings. I think what Coach Kuhfield states [...]

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