Recruit PKB: College Golf Wraps Up

This week wraps up the college golf season for the women. I hope you all took the time to follow the results and maybe even watched the coverage on the Golf Channel of the DI National Championships. If you didn’t Continue reading Recruit PKB: College Golf Wraps Up

RecruitPKB: Post Season Play Continues

Two weeks ago I wrote about some of the highlights from the collegiate post-season action. This week and next will finish out the rest of the championships so I just wanted to make sure you stay in the loop on Continue reading RecruitPKB: Post Season Play Continues

RecruitPKB: Find Your WHY

Motivation can be tough at times for athletes of all levels. You can get tired, burned out, frustrated or simply just lose focus. To help make sure you stay motivated everyday take the time to figure out your “why”. Why do you play Continue reading RecruitPKB: Find Your WHY

RecruitPKB: Collegiate Post-Season Play

For those who keep up with the college golf world, you are aware that the teams are in post-season play right now. For those that don’t keep up, I highly recommend you start ASAP. One of the best ways to Continue reading RecruitPKB: Collegiate Post-Season Play

RecruitPKB: 6 Things to do Before the 1st Tee

Many times you may get to the first tee of a tournament round and be nervous and anxious to play. The last thing you want to worry about are the tedious things you could have done before you stepped onto Continue reading RecruitPKB: 6 Things to do Before the 1st Tee

RecruitPKB: Verbal vs. NLI

Over the last two weeks, I posted the definitions of a verbal agreement and the National Letter of Intent. This week I wanted to do a comparison of the two to better explain how they relate to the recruiting process. Continue reading RecruitPKB: Verbal vs. NLI

RecruitPKB: National Letter of Intent

  I posted last week that I would have a blog about verbal commitments this week, but I wanted to post the definition of an NLI first so that you have that understanding. Next week though will be a comparison Continue reading RecruitPKB: National Letter of Intent

RecruitPKB: What is a Verbal Commitment?

Stay tuned for a full blog about verbal commitments next week…..

RecruitPKB: Researching Schools Video

This week you can check out the RecruitPKB article in this VIDEO.