RecruitPKB: Coach Communications 101

Coach Communications 101 This was the handout available this past week at the PKB Precision Jr Girls for players and parents. If you have any questions about the topics you may sign up for your free PKB 30-minute consultation with Continue reading RecruitPKB: Coach Communications 101

RecruitPKB: Find Your WHY

Motivation can be tough at times for athletes of all levels. You can get tired, burned out, frustrated or simply just lose focus. To help make sure you stay motivated everyday take the time to figure out your “why”. Why do you play Continue reading RecruitPKB: Find Your WHY

RecruitPKB: 6 Things to do Before the 1st Tee

Many times you may get to the first tee of a tournament round and be nervous and anxious to play. The last thing you want to worry about are the tedious things you could have done before you stepped onto Continue reading RecruitPKB: 6 Things to do Before the 1st Tee

RecruitPKB: 12 Habits of a Successful Jr Golfer

There are a lot of qualities and characteristics that a junior golfer needs to possess beyond their golf scores in order to be successful both on and off the golf course. These are 12 that I consider to be the Continue reading RecruitPKB: 12 Habits of a Successful Jr Golfer

RecruitPKB: I Survived the Beast Mode Games

Some of you who follow my Brandi Jackson Golf social media may have seen me posting over the last few weeks that I was training for the Beast Mode Games, a Crossfit style workout competition. Well, last Saturday was the Continue reading RecruitPKB: I Survived the Beast Mode Games

RecruitPKB: Love Yourself

As I am sure everyone was aware, this past week was all about LOVE! And while Valentine’s Day is more about showing your love to others, I wanted to take the chance to remind you about the importance of loving Continue reading RecruitPKB: Love Yourself

RecruitPKB: Are Scholarships Negotiable?

I was asked this question last week about whether or not scholarships are negotiable so I thought it was a good topic to address to those who may be curious about this question. I have faced it numerous times working Continue reading RecruitPKB: Are Scholarships Negotiable?

RecruitPKB: Bring on 2017

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, holiday season, and a Happy New Year. I know I sure did! I was able to spend a lot of time with my families and friends, ate way too much good food and Continue reading RecruitPKB: Bring on 2017

RecruitPKB: Parent Role in College Recruiting Part 2

Recruit PKB

Part 2 in the Parent Role in College Recruiting series will cover the topic of “Parent’s Role at Tournaments from a Coach’s Perspective”. This week we will cover your role at tournaments from the perspective of a college coach. Coaches Continue reading RecruitPKB: Parent Role in College Recruiting Part 2

RecruitPKB: Happy New Year

  Happy New Year from Recruit PKB and Brandi Jackson Golf! I hope you all rang in the new year with a bang and are excited to begin a new year.